Vaginal laser surgery

Vaginal laser treatment Paris - Dr. Marie Mikayelyan
Vaginal rejuvenation Paris - Dr. Marie Mikayelyan
Vaginal dryness Paris - Dr. Marie Mikayelyan

The Mona Lisa vaginal laser surgery is a treatment for vaginal and vulvar rejuvenation. Designed by DEKA laboratories, the laser surgery has made significant advances in gynecology in treating vaginal and vulvar dryness.

These disorders are painful and disabling for women and are often associated with menopause, , post-childbirth, as well as cancer side effects, including breast and uterine cancer.

After menopause, symptoms such as vaginal dryness may occur. Laser surgery treats tingling, painful intercourse, burning, and urinary discomfort.

The Mona Lisa vaginal laser surgery is designed to regenerate the tissues found in the vaginal mucosa via the pulses. The laser accelerates cell regeneration. The tissues present in the conjunctive cells produce collagen, a natural substance, in greater quantity and thus enable their renewal. This technique restores elasticity and a certain amount of tone to the rejuvenated vaginal mucosa. The laser surgery also makes it possible to increase the vascularization of the mucous membrane, thus reactivating vaginal lubrication.

"Deka was the first to come up with this new technique, which already has clinical and histological evidence indicating the efficacy and safety of this laser surgery."

The vaginal laser surgery has already changed the lives of many patients. It has helped some cancer patients by alleviating the side effects of vaginal atrophy, it has relieved women from pain and burning sensations, and it has prevented vaginal dryness problems, cystitis, odor, or slight urinary leakage.

What happens in a Mona Lisa laser surgery session?

Laser treatment is a non-invasive and painless treatment that is performed without anesthesia. A two-centimeter probe is inserted delicately into the depth of the vagina. The probe is then slowly pulled out, centimeter by centimeter, until it is at the opening of the vagina so that the whole area can be covered by the laser pulses.

Results of the vaginal laser surgery in Paris

This technique is faster and more comfortable for women than moisturizing creams and suppositories that require daily application. The first results are evident from the first session with improvements felt by patients. However, three sessions are necessary in order to fully feel the benefits of the treatment. The positive effects of the vaginal laser surgery last about one year . Patients must then renew the laser surgery sessions to benefit from this technology again. This safe, fast treatment is performed in the gynecologist's office in Paris and one session lasts about ten to fifteen minutes. It has no side effects and patients can resume their regular activities immediately after leaving the office.